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April 1, 2019

No April Fools Day – the State of UK Politics

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Ian Birrell says it so much better than I in my blog of yesterday.

“This is one more sign of the stupidity of holding that divisive Brexit ballot in 2016. Voters can only watch in horror at the failure of a dismal Prime Minister, a deadlocked Parliament and an outdated political system.”

And for good measure

“Or consider the terrifying fact that Boris Johnson, a poundshop Trump whose ambition is only matched by his deviousness and ineptitude, is favourite to become the next Tory prime minister.”

“Yet we must cling to hope. So look at Slovakia, where a liberal lawyer who had never before run for office has just been elected as its first female president by promising to restore decency to politics in the face of corruption and crass populism.

Newly elected Slovakia’s President elect Zuzana Caputova. (Photo by VLADIMIR SIMICEK / AFP) “Maybe we thought that justice and fairness in politics were signs of weakness”, said Zuzana Caputová after victory in a campaign that eschewed personal attacks on rivals.

Read more at: https://inews.co.uk/opinion/dominic-grieve-conservative-party-hard-right/

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