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November 3, 2012

Kathleen, Michael and Jean – a pod by Lesley Riddoch

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To get the benefit of this blog you need to listen to Lesley Riddoch and Chris Smith’s pod at


Some things come over much more positively when you hear them rather than read them.  This is the heart-breaking story of Kathleen and the work of such people as Charlie.  And I hear the heart breaking despairing sound in Lesley’s voice.  Not saying that the column in the Scotsman on Monday didn’t affect me – it did – I sent off a small donation to one of my favourite charities – but the pod was so much more telling.

To Michael Marra – sorry I had not heard of him and I admit I don’t listen to much folk music largely because I don’t come across it much – one exception is Corran Raa and that’s only because I meet one of the players on a skiing holiday .  But back to Michael whilst listening to the pod I looked up his name on the web and came across this nice obituary in the Guardian


Finally to Jean Urquhart, glad to hear she is remaining at Holyrood.  It’s not the SNP that will run Scotland should Independence happen – its people like Jean Urquhart.  The SNP being a single issue party will just evaporate and hopefully there will be a social democratic group coalescing from all of the existing parties in Holyrood to take Scotland forward.

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