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January 10, 2018

Outlander Walk

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We have been walking and today was glorious sun.

The walk was on the south side of the Forth starting and finishing at Blackness Castle and there are a number of sites that viewers of will recognise.  The walk is short of about 6 miles – see OS Map

Thanks to OS



The walk including MidHope Castle and Blackness Castle and includes a lovely path at the top of the hill.

Just inland from Forth

Path above the Forth











And you get a distant view of tower above the House of the Binns – the home of the late lamented Tam Dalzell

House of the Binns Tower








The high light of the walk is Mod Hope Castle

Mid Hope Castle In Hopetoun Estate

Mid Hope Castle








There is also beautiful church half way round, Abercorn Church, and we have a wee story

Abercorn Church

Abercorn Church








When we used to live in Peterborough in a rented house on the main road into the city; one day there was a knock on the front door and a lady with two horses asked could she come in as she was born in the house.  We said, of course. She and her companion were riding on horseback from Santiago de Compostela in Spain to Abercorn Church in Scotland following an old pilgrims way.  They did have a horsebox for stabling the horses at night.

It took us a few more years to come so close to Abercorn!

The Pillar Box also at Abercorn has been like this as long as we have been in Linlithgow and may have been so from Victorian Times.

Box and Rose

Victorian Pillar Box










On the return you pass over the Mid Hope burn

Looking out across the Forth

Mid Hope Burn










And of course there are excellent views of Blackness Castle on the return walk through the woods just inland from the Forth.

Black Ness Castle in Distance

Black Ness Castle in Distance








And almost returned.

Maintained by Historic Scotland

In the Castle Shop you can get an excellent coffee to warm you up.



Three Bridges Rail, Road and New

The Three Forth Bridges

Looking out from the foreshore you can see the three bridges crossing the Forth and a distant one of the 2nd Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier being built at Rosyth.

Aircraft Carrier being built at Rosyth

Queen Elizabeth 2


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