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June 3, 2015

On the Other Side of Sorrow

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I have just finished On the Other Side of Sorrow by Jim Hunter.


It’s a lovely book about Nature and the People in the Scottish Highlands. I was for a time on Skye and it brings back many memories.

Much on the people and the clearances. Interesting to read the last chapter – to me this chapter sounds the right chord. I see first edition was published in 1995 and the latest last year and I wonder how much Jim Hunter has been changed the text of the latest edition?

I am a fan of Frazer Darling and I find plenty of his quotes in the book. One small criticism is that I didn’t find any quotes from Nan Shepherd’s The Living Mountain.

As I see it the Land Reform Bill is a necessary condition for repopulation of the Highlands but it is not a sufficient one: people have moved on since the Clearances and people will expect more to move back or just move to a more constructive life – broadband coverage is essential and better roads would help and it’s a pity that the Wick line wasn’t straightened at Dornoch Firth when they build the new road.

I am reeling today on the death of Charles Kennedy – not that I knew him – but he exemplified my ideal of liberalism.

There are of course many obituaries in today’s papers but the one that appeals most is in today’s Scotsman by Tavish Scott:


No doubt over the coming days he will come out On the Other Side of Sorrow.

PS Just caught up with


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