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July 23, 2015

Corbyn as Labour Leader

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I can do no better than quote Anne Perkin in yesterday’s Guardian


‘I remember when Michael Foot led the party and it couldn’t organise a coach trip without getting stuck under a bridge. I wrote about splits and walk-outs and rows and hair-pulling in the ladies at the Grand in Brighton. I remember Labour facing oblivion – very nearly beaten into third place by the SDP in 1983 – and the long, hard struggle to re-establish the party as a serious force in politics.

Please, new associate members who will shape the party for the next five years, maybe forever: do a little research. Think what kind of country you want for you and your children and, even more importantly, think how you might get there. Now think, is Jeremy Corbyn in the middle of that picture? I don’t think so.’

The Tories, like any government in power in a democracy, need a powerful opposition. I admit none of the Labour candidates fit the bill as a powerful opposition leader but that doesn’t mean you have to elect Corbyn. Pity Miliband had to resign – he was just getting into his stride.

There is room for a party of the emotional spasm in British politics but that is a party of protest, not a party of government.’ Let the SNP fill the  role of the party of protest.

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