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July 27, 2019

One Man and his Quad Bike

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One Man and his Quad Bike

Not I suspect to be featured on BBC TV.  One Man and his Dog is more charming

But Shepherds on Shetland now use quad bikes to assist in rounding up their sheep for sheering.

The dogs are still there and can keep up with the fast moving bikes and do help in the rounding up, but equally they enjoy a ride on the back of the bike as the actual rounding up work.

In the photo you can see several planticrubs, stone squares; the cabbages and kale start life in them protected from the strong winds to be transplanted when old enough to Kale Yards.  Planticrubs and Kale yards were built from the plentiful stones. .

One Man and his Quad Bike

One man and His Quad Bike with Planticrubs


For more on the original stone made planticrubs and kale yards go to:






Modern planticrubs are of steel and plastic sheeting; more like polytunnels

A Modern Planticrub

A Modern Planticrub







And here is a sheep that didn’t want to move even encouraged by the shepherds and the dog and the dunes were too hilly for the quad bike.  BTW eventually the sheep was carried ‘home’ on the back of a quad bike.

The Reluctant Sheep

The Reluctant Sheep


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