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January 12, 2020

People Trapped but a Little Hope

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It’s hard to be sanguine, enlightened.


“Soil is carefully dug and then brushed away and the bags removed from the ground. Inside are bones but also small items that give a touch of humanity and threads of stories where flesh – and names – are missing. A little note. A half-drunk bottle of water. Prayer beads, a soft toy.”

But the UK is no better: ‘vetting’ all applications for children stuck in Calais wanting to join their parents and relations already in the UK.

There is hope and action from the young

“Texas State University graduate students lift the remains of a migrant from a gravesite at La Grulla cemetery on 17 December 2019 as part of the project Operation Identification. Photograph: Gabriela Campos”

I note that there is the UN

Declaration of the Rights of the Child Law and Legal Definition

But this is ‘none binding’

Surely in an ‘enlightened’ world the UN Declaration of Human Rights should be extended to include the Free Movement of All Peoples.
And be binding.

After all, we live in a so called ‘Global World’

November 19, 2019

Human Rights; Bertrand Ramcharan

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RSE – The Human Rights Idea in the Philosophy of the Scottish Enlightenment – 18 November 2019

Bertrand Ramcharan – One Time UN Commissioner for Human Rights – origin Ghana

A good active presentation – I wait to see the podcast

A few points in the meantime:

  1. Human Rights – as for the whole of humanity
  2. It’s Universality remains a worry
  3. Need for Responsibility and Voice of Conscience
  4. Long time in coming to fruition – Aesop’s fables
  5. Common Sense – not quoted but Thomas Reid
  6. Is a Western Idea? – No
  7. All nations bought in and confirmed recently (Date to be found)
  8. But have they touched the peoples of the world?
  9. Main problem will be AI – China and US
  10. The South China Seas are now in the Front Line
  11. Active problems: terrorism, rights of sovernty, Job Losses, Retraining people
  12. More generally the need to maintain / implement The Rule of Law
  13. Scottish Enlightenment as source of Human Rights
    1. Gershom Carmichael wrote it all including protection of Environment; against slavery, rights applicable to all humanity
    2. And BTW there was Hume with his Treatise of Human Reason
    3. Brody has reviewed it all
  14. US Constitution made use of the Ideas of the Scottish Enlightenment – but Thomas Paine helped
  15. Human Rights and The Future – very open – Impact of technology – ‘communications’

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