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July 23, 2014

Let’s Hope No WW3

Filed under: History in the making, Politics, Scottish Independence, War — derryvickers @ 6:25 pm

A break from the Indy war of words (Scottish Independence with the vote on 18th September 14) and may be a lot more important for all our greater good.

I have been thinking, well worrying, about the atrocity of MH17 and all its publicity  and the fact that the Iraq and Syrian wars now get so comparatively little attention – no longer newsworthy at least with us westerners; likewise the Israeli Gaza war which keeps irrupting.

Anyway  Allan Massie writing in today’s Scotsman summarises  the world situation succinctly:


Not quite Hemmingway ‘the Sun also rises’ but with a touch of it.

I am not so sanguine as Massie but his is a big canvas picture – so let’s hope he is right and WW3 does not happen, well not for a long time.

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