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July 23, 2014

Independence – just two factors

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It is odd that after so much debate and argument and counter argument over the last two years and just 6 weeks to go to the Referendum, there are to me just two factors pointing to Independence.

  1. Who best to govern the Scots but the Scots
  2. Westminster is broke and it can’t be fixed.

If I take these a little farther; Point 1 – where is the limit – the Western Islanders are the best people to govern the Western Isles.  Salmond has made gestures in this direction but will it happen?  All the reports coming out and certainly the latest report sponsored by COSLA (Commission on Strengthening Local Democracy) indicate that Scotland is the most centralist country in Europe, yet the current Community Empowerment Bill before the Scottish Parliament despite its title appears to confirm that there will be no change – the Bill looks to  strengthen the hold the Scottish Government has over the local authorities who are in any case far removed from the Communities they are expected to serve.

If I now look at Point 2. if Westminster is indeed broken is it not better to fix Westminster than to throw up our hands and walk away.  There is no doubt whatever the result of the Referendum Westminster will change – there have been too many scandals for it to continue as it is.  Popularist groups such as UKip (though I dislike everything about it) will help in this.  And are we sure that the lot in Edinburgh are squeaky clean anyway.

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