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July 3, 2012

Time to work out a new deal?

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Interesting article in this week’s Scotsman by Lesley Riddoch:


where she have managed to bring last week’s two hot topics together.  Barclays and Europe.

Since the article appeared Barclays CEO has now resigned

But it not just the UK banks who have played the high risks,  dubious dealings and suspect rewards , the German Banks have not been immune and as I recall the Icelandic Banks seemed to have bitten the quick buck bug (OK they have been thrown out by a popular revolt).

She brings out the distinction in economics between the US and Europe – fine, but I would be happier if she said Northern Europe of even the Nordics of which she is a great fan.  Lovely as Italy is to visit I ‘m not sure that I would like to be governed by the likes of Berlusconi.

UK in Europe – last evening the Guardian pole was 1/3 to stay IN – however there are a number of key decisions affecting the country that may be overturned if put to the popular vote.

Yes, it would be lovely to have a clean start in Scotland, may be across the UK also; but she is  right, you would need to make the City of London a separate principality like Lichtenstein.

But the real question is, is the SNP up to it; nothing I hear of the SNP first team inspires me that they are social democrats  who would be willing to distribute power from the city of Edinburgh  and give up swilling Bollinger in Bute House.

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