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October 15, 2011

Week of October 10th – What a week it has been!

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  1. Politics – Liam Fox – at best crass naive and what a MOD and Government to let him act like this for 18 months and more.  Oliver Letwin – disposing of ‘document’ in a park bin – must have known he would be seen so what message was he trying to make?
    Wider afield – first there was the Arab Spring, now there is the US Autumn (around Wall Street); and Autumn appears to be catching on across the whole of the Western World but I suppose Autumn is Autumn
  2. Steve Jobs – not necessarily the greatest inventor but clearly the greatest in recognising what will make that quantum jump.  Xerox Parc invented the graphic interface but it took Jobs to instantly recognise its potential.  Lisa, his first graphic interfaced PC was ahead of its time and was a flop (I had to take the decision for the IBM PC when at Britoil even thought Lisa was clearly a much better product); but he persisted and brought out the Macintosh which still was not a great seller, leading to Apple Mac and then of course to the Iphone and Ipod and now the IPad.  Like the BMW – ‘a must have’.  Evolutionary theory suggests that new species come out of isolated communities that mutate and survive.  Jobs followed this principle – he had his idea and brooked no criticism.
  3. The economy – Chaos theorists regularly quote that a butterfly flagging its wings in Brazil can lead to a thunderstorm in Europe.  In the current case a failure of the European economy is causing chaos in Brazil (and elsewhere).  There seems to be a disjoint between macro and micro economics; though I don’t doubt that the Pentagon has a mega modelling system that incorporates both.
  4. Nearer home there were 60,000 Welshmen (and women) watching the France / Wales game on TV in the Cardiff Stadium.  Why on earth did the Welsh captain do such a stupid tackle?  Would there have been the same number in Murrayfield should Scotland have got so far?

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