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October 27, 2010

Linlithgow Business Association – A Strategy

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I believe that the LBA needs a business strategy to define its raison d’etre.

I suggests the headings to be covered are:

  1. Introduction
    1. Strategy span 2010 – 2020
  2. Business in Linlithgow
    1. Present Day
    2. Position change over last 20 years
  3. Current climate for business development
    1. Impact of Public Service cuts

                                         i.    Manpower

                                       ii.    Capital

  1. Impact to manpower in Linlithgow
  2. Availability to private organisations
    1. Manpower

                                         i.    Skills

                                       ii.    Need for training

  1. Capital
  2. Commercial v Social Enterprise
    1. Difference is where the Profits go
  3. Current Businesses
    1. Size
    2. Type
  4. Map of Current Locations
  5.  Other Plans & Proposal
    1. WL Local Plan
    2. Civic Trust
    3. Climate Challenge
    4. Wallace Lands
  6. Growth Opportunities
    1. Identify

                                         i.    Which type

                                       ii.    Location

  1. Spread of estimates

10. Constraints

  1. Planning Authority
  2. Capital
  3. Community
  4. Environmental Impact

11. The Strategy

I welcome all your comments and particularly where I might start to get the data on existing businesses in the town and surrounding areas.

PS Great to see how Microsoft Word goes over so well to WordPress – so much better than LinkedIn

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  1. Looks interesting. A business Strategy for the LBA. Often these things put todays picture, and then roadmap forward on changes that are desired. it might be good to adopt the Transition model of defining the end-point and back-casting through the years to roadmap a path to follow, e,g in 2030 (or whatever date) look at what the likely challenges will be. Technology, transport, energy, climate change, skills, community, demographic changes of generally more older healthier people.
    Then ask, what will they need, and how the LBA can support businesses that align with those aims.

    Perhaps a key report for ALL LBA members to read is this :

    Click to access 16720_0610_froggatt_lahn.pdf

    Should the LBA be fostering opportunities, skills development, etc. As you point out where will the mix of social enterprise and traditional profit geared companies be in the future ? Will we still be using national currencies ?, what skills gaps are there, how will our food systems change, how will our transport and energy uses change the way we work ? where we work, what work actually is ? Will their be a shift away from international trade back to local/regional ? etc.

    Lots to contemplate but I think – in summary – there’s a step to be done before you write up a big document and define it’s sections/headings.

    Comment by Alan — April 14, 2011 @ 10:07 am

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